Engineering and Science Technology at Watkins

motomanIn this course of study (open only to Watkins students) students will use the Design Cycle to complete projects that creatively & analytically solve real world problems encountered by engineers, technicians and designers.
Doing this they will explore Design, Engineering and Robotics & Manufacturing processes and pathways. Skills utilized in this course include: CAD, CAM, Additive Manufacturing, Spread Sheets, Electricity & Electronics, Mechanics, Physics and Coding.



Courses Offered:

Engineering PrinciplesThis is a yearlong course in which students will be introduced to fundamental engineering concepts and scientific principles associated with engineering design applications. Topics include mechanisms, energy, statics, materials, and kinematics. Additionally students will learn material properties and electrical, control and fluid power systems. Students will learn to apply problem solving, research and design skills to create solutions to engineering challenges.

Engineering DesignThe focus of Engineering Design is the application of the engineering design process. Topics include work-processes, optimization methods, design optimization, and risk management tools. Students will use 2D and3D modeling software to help them design solutions to solve proposed problems, document their work, and communicate solutions. Additionally, students will interpret industry prints, and create working drawings from functional models. Emphasis is given to experimental problem solving in real systems.

Machine ToolThis is a yearlong course that introduces students to all aspects of machining applications in manufacturing. They will be able to perform routine calculations, interpret basic drawings, begin the process of performing accurate measurements and be able to plan simple machining processes. Students will learn the fundamental principles and practices of cutting, drilling, and grinding using modern machine tools, hand tools, and precision measuring instruments.

RoboticsStudents will apply the knowledge and skills necessary to program and operate Robots, using the teach pendant as the main interface point. The Students will learn robotic operations and system configurations. Students will code, compile, and debug programs using the robotic programming language.

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