Just For Fun & Community Classes

Basic Welding class - Begins Sept. 24th       -Must register by Sept. 17th! 

Personal Finance Basics class-  Sept. 30th     
-FREE, no registration required! 

HOME Decor Sign class - October 3rd     
-Must register by Sept. 19th! 

Fall Tulle Swag making class- October 9th     
-Must register by Oct. 2nd! 

Halloween Cupcake Decorating class- October 23rd     
-Must register by Oct. 16th! 

Treat Yourself Cosmetology program event - October 24th      
-Must register before!


Essential Oil Lava Stone Bracelets class- November 12th  

-Must register by Oct. 29th! 

Check out the schedule of classes coming up!

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More offerings will be announced soon!

 Stay tuned!