Project Management

Contact: Aaron Stewart at (740) 364 -2254 or or [email protected] 
Tuition $ 149 - 15 Hours
T   6pm - 8:30pm;  6 weeks
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Practical Project Management is a hands-on, real world approach to organizing, managing, and evaluating your project. Learn to identify resources, budget time and money, develop a plan, stay on schedule, roll-out your project, and evaluate success. No need to waste time learning fancy terms, toying with software, or discussing theory. Practical Project Management is designed to give you the skills you need to make projects come to life. This course will focus on 8 objectives to launch and evaluate your project. Students are encouraged to bring a project to class that they are currently working on for direct application of the Practical Project Management process.

Supervisor Impact Program


Contact: (740) 364-2333

Tuition $790 – 30 Hours

This 10-week session is the first in a 3-part “Supervisor Impact Program” series. In business supervisors have a critical role. Those that supervise others, regardless of the level within the organization, have the greatest impact on the success of business strategy and the growth of the business.

Who should attend?

This program is appropriate for anyone that supervises others, and leaders who need to have greater impact with their business management strategies.


100 Series: Being Personally Effective
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200 Series: Working with Individuals
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300 Series: Working with Groups
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